UEFA Champions League Round of 16

Manchester United made the improbable comeback possible in Paris. Dominated in Manchester 2-0, the Red Devils scored 3 goals in Paris to qualify onto the quarterfinals of the Champions League. What an improbable result that no one anticipated.

Lukaku took advantage of two awful mistakes from the defense and Buffon to lead the visitors 2-1 at the break. In the most dramatic fashion, Manchester United got awarded a penalty thanks to the VAR in the last minute of the game, giving the third goal and eliminating Paris Saint-Germain.

Two years after the famous and historic remontada [4-0, 1-6] against Barcelona, PSG made again history being the first club to have ever lost a tie after winning 2-0 away. History shows Champions League is not made for Paris. 

Man Utd coach Solskajer on the amazing night:

“We always believe, that’s the thing. We set out the plan. It wasn’t about having the ball and outplaying them. If give this team too much space and time, with Mbappe, we saw a few times in the first half when we missed our defensive shape and they were through us straight away.

The plan was to get the first goal and be in the game with five or 10 minutes to go and we were. The belief in the boys was just what we hoped for. Of course, there was a great start. We set out a plan to get the first goal. But we didn’t expect it after twominutes, but that made it more open for us. We wanted many goals in the game.

Rashford is 21 and there was pressure on the boy but there were no nerves whatsoever. Fearless. Him and Rom [Lukaku] were fantastic tonight.”

PSG coach Tuchel on the humiliation at home:

“It’s easy to explain: we gifted them two goals in the first half. We completely controlled the match for the first 30 minutes. We played with a lot of quality, with a good mentality and a great reaction after we gifted Manchester the first goal. After that, we had a lot of chances.

And then, without any chances to speak of, Manchester scored a second. That turned the match upside down for us. I never got the impression that Manchester United had come here to win. But they did win, and congratulations to them.”


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