Premier League week 24 round-up

Manchester City inaugurated a rather strange series of weekday matches yesterday losing to Newcastle 2-1. In the Premier League, Liverpool suffered and fought back to preserve a point against Leicester [1-1] and Chelsea exploded at Bournemouth 4-0.

The only team in the top 4 that win is Tottenham. The Spurs cam from behind to score two goals in the last 10 minutes and won 2-1 vs. Watford.

Liverpool extend lead

The Reds extended their lead to five points and saw Tottenham Hotspur coming back, seven points behind and only two points from Man City. Cleary the top 3 seems to be settle for the season. But you can wonder what would be the order at the end of matchday 38.

Liverpool coach Klopp on the draw:

“We take what we get – tonight it’s a point and that’s more than we had before the game, so that’s fine. Am I overly happy? No, of course not, we wanted to win the game. But we knew before it would be really difficult and then it started snowing and that made it no easier. 

We wanted to win a football game, we didn’t win it and so we don’t feel brilliant. Afterwards, we have to talk about what does that mean for the Man City [result]? Not too much, to be honest. We have a point more than before – it is not exactly what we wanted to have, but still everything is fine.”

Chelsea got trashed at Bournemouth 4-0

Chelsea coach Sarri on the humiliating loss:

 “We are sorry to the fans, it’s very difficult to have an idea about the performance because we played very well in the first half. In the second half, we conceded a goal after two minutes and we stopped playing. In the offensive phase we played not as a team but 11 players. So it’s very difficult to understand why because after what I saw in the first half there was the possibility to solve the problem.

We had 43 minutes to play so we could solve the problem, but not with that kind of reaction. I tried to understand. and I spoke with the players after the match but it was also difficult for them to say why so I will try again tomorrow. I need to understand why because I need to solve this problem.

In that moment I wanted to speak with them alone because I needed to understand. It’s impossible to play so differently in the first and second halves, I don’t understand why so I will try again tomorrow because I have to solve this problem.

‘They are always able to react very well against big teams. When we play against a big team we are usually able to play with a very big level of motivation. But in this match I think the problem was different because in the first half I saw a team with a very high level of motivation.”