Italian Cup Quarter-finals

Juventus suffered a large defeat at Atalanta 3-0 in the quarterfinal round of the Italian Cup. Never the Italians leaders were in position to beat the locals and endured their largest of the current season. Juventus will have to regroup. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and his team were muted by a talented opponent who came to the game ready to beat down the favorites for the Serie A title. Coach Allegri was very upset after the game and pointed out the deficiencies shown by his team:

An off-night 

“It was in the air. It was the same last year . We had a few near misses and then lost at home to Napoli. You get bad nights in football. I think we were probably a bit tired mentally.

I can’t criticise the lads given everything they’ve done thus far. We’ve had a bad night and we need to be able to react to that properly. It’s a shame because this is an important competition to us. The players are gutted. That said, you have to give credit to Atalanta.

Our opponents deserved to win – they had more energy and perhaps more mental strength. But as I’ve said, that’s football. If you react to them in the right way, these nights can do you good and help you to raise your level of focus. Obviously, that needs to start on Saturday with a win over Parma.”