Premier League week 15:

Arsenal and Manchester United gave the fans a very entertaining games and four goals. Twice the visiting team, Arsenal, was up in this game but they could not hold on.

Manchester United came back in this game quickly and almost could have won it at the end. The 2-2 draw does not advantage any team as they want to close the gap on the two locomotive in the Premier League, Man City and Liverpool.

Arsenal coach Emery reacts on the final whistle:

“I am very proud of our work and how we played and how we responded in the 90 minutes because when we were winning it was a good moment but they equalized very quickly and then we got up after the two goals.

In the second half our players worked and fought to win and I think we were closer than United to getting the third goal but I think De Gea saved two or three times with good actions.

Away, our challenge is against a team like Manchester United and today that was probably the best point. We were playing against a very competitive team and I think our spirit is good. We got up after conceding twice in the 90 minutes and we tried to find the victory every time. I think this is our spirit.

Usually United create a lot of chances here, and I don’t think we conceded a lot of chances. For us, for our confidence, our level in the competition and our way, I think we can think very positively.”

Mourinho on the draw:

“The result is not the result we want, but what can you say? Fantastic spirit, fantastic commitment, great intensity, great dynamic, happiness to give absolutely everything, people exhausted at the end of the game, lots of players in difficult circumstances. 

”Many players were in difficulties. There were some good performances, but players in difficulty. It’s a positive sign [that the players sacrificed themselves], but there are things I cannot get from them and I cannot say much more than this.

But they showed a big soul, everybody gave everything. That is for sure and it is a positive feeling. I cannot tell you much more. I prefer just to say that I am happy with the soul, the commitment, the bravery. I’m really happy with that.”