It was one of the stories of last weekend; former Chelsea goalkeeper for years was traded to London rivals Arsenal. It did not take too long before the two team met and their first official match was the 2015 Community Shield in Wembley.

Cech made some big saves and delivered the outcome 1-0 to his new team. It was also the first time in 14 encounters that Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger were to beat Jose Mourinho.. every streak has an end and it did in fashion.

Peter Cech sits down to share his thoughts of the first trophy won with Arsenal FC:

“A lot of times, people say that if you win a major trophy you get satisfied and stop working. I think it’s the other way around,” 

“Once you win a big trophy, it’s such an amazing feeling of achievement and accomplishment that you want to live it again. This group now knows how to win trophies and they enjoy it very much.

“You can see the celebration every time we win trophies, and everybody speaks about it. I’m sure that everybody wants to at least repeat that this year.”

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