Cristiano Ronaldo was crowned with his fourth Fifa Ballon D’or best player of the year award in 2016 on Monday night. He won it in an ultimately famous fashion, the perspective which had previously inspired the purest history of this occasion and now has symbolized its most glittering vision in dedication to a legacy established by Ronaldo and Messi on the award podium. Their  rivalry storyline had long lastingly glorified, shaped and envisioned the highest rank of individual pedigree and international reputation that looked impossible to be achieved by any feet in the future. The Portuguese caped this year in a most inspirational vision ever, lifting the champions league trophy with Madrid for an unprecedented record of 11 times in the history of this competition and stamped His sensational journey when crowned Euro 2016 glory in France to accomplish his international legacy he always dreamed of with Portugal. His typically marvelous scoring tallies in all competitions through the season continued to be his gifted feature as he netted 51 goals from 54 official matches, while his record of 31 for Real Madrid this season has set a European record. The prediction was simple about his chance of winning this award courtesy to desirable category of major championships, but the outcome also triggered a critical factor at the heart of Fifa’s long tradition of classified winner selection that usually seem to ignore some fair aspects of decision. While Ronaldo enjoyed the season full of glory and cheer on both club and international rank, but he rarely managed to produced at his best caliber most often as it should be identified to status of the world’s best star. As much he sealed vital match winning goals to lead His club to Uefa champions league glory during a tough campaign, but the edge of high profile tactical implication and dynamic performance from Madrid players collectively defined as the reason of their accomplishment.

Likes of Modric, Kroos and Isco amplified flash of creativity and vision that indicated to their superior strength in dictating the strategic performances, the fact equally witnessed a sheer productivity in attack, Bale apparently was excelled at lying playmaker role as a wide creator or in a central attacking partnership with either Isco or Modric to provide assist or scoring himself, more reasonably their movements have reached cohesion and adapted to deliver in a various formations; front three composed of Ronaldo, bale and Benzema with three creative passers or with Ronaldo as a free striker along with French forward that was supported by four passers behind the. Even their bench possessed wealth of talents that looked promising at anytime. Beating their arch rival Atletico in pk in the final was mixed of luck and resiliency in fact. The scenario proved more challenging in Euro cup for Ronaldo as he arguably struggled to unlock opposition defences in the group stage as they had to cross the wire with three draws to book their round of 16  passage, although Madrid star produced a dazzling back heel flick to score against Hungary in the last match but they looked frustrated. The arrival of Renato Sanchez and contribution of Ricardo Quaresma to change the transition of crucial battle against high quality Croatian side in reliance of strategic defensive approach ultimately had witnessed a last minute celebration before they cruising to a breath taking penalty shout out victory against poles in the next round, which was earned from collective tactical adaptation of the team rather than Ronaldo’s impact. He score a fine header en route to semi final victory against Wales with birth to final match, and since Ronaldo left the pitch with sudden injury against the host side, Portugal  instead inspired to change the dynamic of their game plan and with efficient transitioning their intelligent approach that was combined with attacking punch sealed the most coveted prize in the history of national team. Arguably Ronaldo prominently established his legendary profile in this year, but his achievements essentially were inspired by the combined tactical and team spirit evidences more than his individual flashes, the product served as a permanently last share of triumphant archive towards the end of his likely career from most appealing perspectives. the truth is the Ballon D’Or award ceremony and its governing structure has long enough classified and envisioned its persuasive unique standards to select the best nominees in all categories. the effort in fact stamped a traditional view in the minds of fans since the rivalry of Messi and Ronaldo and of course the symbolic narration of El Clasico Barcelona vs Real became the main inspiration of world in the last decade.

Choosing Ronaldo or Messi or any aspect related to their respective sides in terms of coaches, goal scored, young players and team of the year has encouraged a normalized vision from Fifa and other prestigious award-based organizations permanently and it is no surprise to see the Ballon D’or award and Europe’s best footballer prize of any kind is dedicated to and shared by two legends of modern era desirably, so this primarily classified and chosen factor widely has vanished a deeper argument of amplifying the coherent and potential vision of equal involvements of individuals and footballs teams other Messi and Ronaldo to share and join the most prestigious prizes. the truth is winning European cup, Euro 2016, scoring tally and Fifa club world cup happened past weekend provides a superior indication to the evidence of Portuguese glorious journey as the best winner, but the performances of many other emerging talents and inspirational quality of leading productions at the highest ranks of international competitions are considered as a vital path of balanced share of diversity and identity for embracing to rejuvenate the vision of future, then its challenge might instead suggests the reason of this highly prioritized aspiration of seeing El Clasico stars manifesting the entire picture of the beautiful game in the courtesy of their reputation and superior storyline reminds us a narrow contrary observation to rise more question about Fifa’s original purpose of nominee’s selection scenario; pursuing its targeted persuasive mission in reliance of strategic practice to represent El Clasico rivalry as the supervision symbol of entertainment as it realistically compromised a fairly coherent vision of selection credibility for the sack of a truly dominated but categorized individual icons. The reflection of a historically inspired narrative rivalry known as El Clasico defined superior to equal share of deserved to renovate and revolutionary philosophies by rest the world at the heart of Fifa.  

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