The new logo, which will be officially launched at the beginning of next season, represents the positioning of the club around the heritage of excellence that Paris has come to embody along with its two universal values – ethics and aesthetics.

Paris Saint-Germain has chosen to capitalise on the strongest element of the brand, namely Paris itself.

The city of light, which is an undisputed icon throughout the world, represents unparalleled leverage to propel Paris Saint-Germain up among the greatest global sporting brands. The new logo thus has the name “Paris” clearly brought to the fore, with the Eiffel Tower at the heart of the logo. The base of the logo has the name “Saint Germain” which continues to be associated with the brand, along with the fleur de lys emblem.

The logo has a greater synthesis of ideas and a more immediate impact, and is now ideally placed to capture the imagination of football and sports fans around the world.

A logo for a leader, backed up by an ambitious strategy

Following in the footsteps of international football’s major clubs and under the impetus of its President Nasser Al-Khelaifi, Paris Saint-Germain has chosen to prioritise continuity for its new identity. The new concept brings the brand up to the level of the standards of excellence set by Paris itself, respecting its DNA and its history.

The font is inspired by Paris’ major brands, the colors have been made more luminous and highlighted with a hint of gold, while the Eiffel Tower is the veritable heartbeat of the logo. The result is a timeless brand which is resolutely Parisian yet totally international.

“The evolution of the Paris Saint-Germain logo marks an important stage in the implementing of our ambition,” said Nasser Al-Khelaifi, “namely making Paris Saint-Germain one of the world’s greatest sporting brands.”


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