The Oracle OCP Certification is the secondary tier of the Oracle certification program. An Oracle-certified Professional is an individual who has earned a certification at a professional and advanced level with regard to the usage, operation, architecture, and management of an Oracle database management system. Typically, an individual who has earned an Oracle Certification at a professional level is aptly trained to undertake positions as managers and team leaders.


Oracle Data management systems utilize a cluster-based protocol with regard to data stored on the Oracle server; Oracle implements a procedure utilizing related data, which is associated with other data. Oftentimes – due to the size and type of data being stored, related data may not be stored in the same location; as a result, the recipient of the Oracle OCP Certification must be adept in managing Oracle data systems through a proven ability and understanding of both the infrastructure and schematics of data clusters and data relation. An individual may attain an Oracle OCP Certification in both the10gand the11gdata system(s). is a proven study resource and training platform, which delivers those undertaking the Oracle OCP Certification exam with the most relevant, proven, and valuable study materials to ensure successful results. In addition, this site provides individual test takers with a nature of practice questions similar to those most commonly appearing on the certification exams.


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