MLS Cup Conference Finals

Atlanta United largely dominated New York Red Bulls [3-0]. They are eon pace to qualify to the club’s first ever MLS Cup just on their second season of existence. The tsk for New Yorkers will be near impossible to overcome a three-goal deficit. 

RBNY coach, Armas, on the task ahead: 

“It is going to be difficult. I really believe that is going to come. We were down 3-0 at home against Columbus earlier in the year and with five more minutes we would have tied that thing up, but we only had 45 minutes and we did it. With 90 minutes, we are going to go after it.”

Atlanta United coach, Martino, on the big home advantage:

“We know nothing is over yet. We’ve put ourselves in a good spot, and that’s it. It’s up to us to make sure that we go out there and take advantage of the 90 minutes that we put in today [and] not let that go to waste.

We know the Red Bulls are a very good team and they are capable of scoring three goals at home. The only thing we know that we are satisfied with this win, but we have to get ready for the next game.”

In the other semifinal, Portland Timbers and Sporting Kansas could not find the net 0-0. We hope the second leg won’t be as boring with goals.

Portland Timbers know they can score away from home and win. Ridgewell commented: “We went and won in Dallas, we went and won in Seattle,That’s all we need to do. We keep rolling, keep playing as a team, we can win anywhere. Looking forward to Thursday.”