MLS East Conference Finals: New England 2-2 New York Red Bulls (aggregate 4-3)

Coach Revs Heaps reacts:

“In the end, we didn’t follow exactly what we wanted to do. “But I really like the way we responded. It shows a lot of hunger in our guys and we’re excited to be able to get through.”

“It looked like we had the first goal handled and then Tim Cahill got his foot in and scored a big goal. “It’s who he is. You could tell how he celebrated, how the group went with him. They really rallied around Cahill.”

“We were bending. “Then we started to get a bit more of the game after that and then I liked we were able to get a set-piece goal. That was something we worked on all week, that exact play.” 

“We found ways to just grind it out. We just manned up and won battles, fought and scrapped and that’s the way you get results in the league. We’re just excited to have the opportunity to play in a final.”

Coach Petke NYRB on Henry potential last game

“I don’t think there will ever be a player in this league – there never has been – that has what Thierry has in all aspects… I’m honored to have played with him, coached, and witnessed him every day in practice, the good and the bad times. Whatever he decides to do, he is going to be successful at whatever he does. It’s just been a phenomenal two years as a head coach to have a mind like that and a person like that.”

“He not only provides the feedback necessary to continue to grow as a player but his example and the class that he’s shown in the last four-and-a-half years is a model for anyone.

“I think the organization is also grateful. I’m not necessarily convinced that it is done, but regardless of what happens, he’ll continue to be an asset, whether it’s in the past or going forward.”

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