Last week saw the new launch of our new amateur world football database The site has been built in the hope to support grass roots football and bring the amateur world of football together.

Our goal is to create a worldwide database of amateur football teams from around the world and provide location information, contact details and anything else that will give users the ability to search for a city or country and select a team they want to train, trial or play with.
We hope eventually the site will hold thousands of teams from every country, essentially providing a central hub for amateur footballers. The site we hope can then eventually be used for a multitude of purposes such as:

– Finding new teams for those relocating.

– Use the site to attract new players as far too many teams are folding due to lack of talent and players.

– Use the sites location information to organize pre-season tours. Find 2 or 3 teams in a city and drop them a mail.

– Just plain old fly the flag for your local heroes.

We also have ideas for the future of the site. Although our main goal is bring the world teams together, another goal of ours is to get people playing football. We want to make people aware of where games are being played and how to get involved. This may not necessarily be weekend league teams but also 5 a-side games, tournaments and friendly after work meet ups. Therefor we want to provide a way for our users to post information about these events and times. Keep an eye out for this new feature in the coming months.

Remember, adding you teams is completely free, just sign up, and click the ‘add team’ menu link. Be sure to keep your details updated.
Its going to take time to get a useful amount of teams added to the site before if becomes useful for teams and players so we hope all readers out there add your teams and spread the word. The future of football is in all our hands. Visit us now, if not for your team, do it for the cause.

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