La Liga week 8

Real Madrid have not scored in four consecutive games as Benzema, Bale and Modric have been muted by the opponents’ defense. In ac club like Real Madrid, this is clearly a crisis and the first for coach Lopetegui to overcome.

Additionally this the second defeat by 1-0 to supposedly inferior opponents [loss 1-0 at CSKA in Champions League and today 1-0 at Alavés].

Coach Lopetegui comments on the negative spiral for the club:

“We are really down, we wanted the win and started well enough, creating chances and taking shots at goal. We wanted to start off strong, which we did, but not scoring was what punished us. Sometimes the pace of the game is breakneck, and we paid the price.

We need to pick ourselves up and get players back and fit, we’ve gone 15 days with some really bad luck. Today two players got injured: We need to get back the fresh, calm approach we had at the start of the season, that way we can get back to winning ways as soon as possible.
Karim and Gareth had injuries, so we had to make decisions regarding changes. That’s football, that’s the way it goes, and today all the negatives came out. We have the international break now, so we can get back to what we’re doing

It is just October. In such a negative dynamic, we need to get our key players back. The sense of calm comes with the result, and the result will come after the goals. Today we had good chances to score but we were punished.

The team tries to implement the things we have planned for, but if we want things to work properly, it’s vital that we have everyone available. This run without key players isn’t normal. It’s also hugely important that we start scoring goals, and we will do that. The coach is always responsible”.