EPL Week 21 Swansea 3-2 Arsenal

Robin Van Persie lead the top scorer chart with 18 goals as the Dutch scored an early goal in the 5th minutes at the Liberty Stadium. However, Swansea being award penalty kick and Sinclair convert it to the right corner to level the game.

While Wenger sitting alone at the bench with his worried sour face, Dyer nets another goal for Swansea in the 57th minutes. Henry and Rosicky brought in to saves the game and hate to say it will be another nightmare to us.

Walcott level the game in the 69th minutes and can you believe that Swansea goes up in front again from Graham within a minute as Swansea increase their lead once more.

Desperate move by Wenger with Chamberlain in for Mertesacker in the 77th minutes but Swansea seems to push for more goals.

And there it goes again as we lost to Swansea and falls further from the league leaders. And shockingly Wenger still put January transfer windows behind him.


The boss says nothing will be happening in January as well stops all the rumors and transfer speculations for Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger himself seems to reject the idea of January transfer window where such opportunity gives a real hard time for most of the clubs to convince their players to stick with the team.

“I am for [scrapping the transfer window]. I would leave it completely open all year, or you close it for a whole year. But that’s in-between,” he said.

“Everybody becomes nervous [from] November until January. Then players maybe think, ‘if I don’t play then I will leave in January’. They are already less committed to the cause, it gives them an opening.

“We have gone from a period where we knew that if we didn’t play, we [still] had to be committed to the club for your whole life.

“You had no other option but to fight for your place. There is not a position where the players have a quick and easy way out if it is difficult.” – Wenger.

With his latest statements, Arsene Wenger also denying any talks, approach and pre-contract signing involving Matias Suarez as per previously claimed by Javier Perez.

“Ravel Morrison at Man United? No. We know him well,” Wenger said. “No [to Kalou and Suarez as well].” – Wenger.

Well, it is well said loud and clear that Arsenal is staying out from the market which will be end on the 26th January.

After recently defeat at Liberty Stadium, will Wenger change his mind as what he did after big defeat by ManUnited in the early season?

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