“APOEL made things very difficult for us and we won because we played well. They were strong in defence and showcased great team spirit. I’m sure I wouldn’t do much better than Jovanovic on this team. We had to do our best to win. I think APOEL are doing a fantastic job. We knew the match would be complicated for them and bringing Kaka and Marcelo on was decisive. It will be difficult for them to win 4-1 at the Bernabeu. APOEL made it difficult for us because they have a very serious and hard working team.”

“I preferred to use Coentrao today because we have to play many games and can’t always use the same people. We feel more comfortable in some positions. I’m very happy with Sahin’s performance and so are his teammates because we all like him very much and he’s had a rough time. He had the chance to play tonight and did very well.”

“I’m happy with my team because things would have been easier for our opponent had we not given a serious and combative performance. Marcelo and Kaka came on in a privileged time during which APOEL’s physical potential was beginning to falter. It is impossible to compare Fabio and Marcelo because there is no point of comparison possible between them.”

“I shook hands with the APOEL players before I did so with mine because I have time to do so later in the dressing room. We gave a solid and serious performance. I would like to show them as much respect at the Bernabeu because they are the most important team in this Champions League; any of the other seven teams are pursuing something they’ve achieved before, but APOEL have never won the title.”