Chelsea 1-3 Atletico Madrid

Coach Atletico Diego Simone:

Happy because we played a good match We had to work hard to find the match we wanted and that was after the second goal. The consequence was a big collective effort and having everyone chasing after the same objective which is the team play that created the possibility of reaching such a lovely final”.

The rival also plays working the fixture. They had the first chance of scoring and, luckily, we could tie quickly. That created, in the second half, the possibility of playing the match that suited us best. After the second goal, and when we played with five in the midfield, the possession and the game began to be ours. It’s been a very important match”.

Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho:

‘The difference was one minute in the second half. When the Atletico keeper made an amazing save from John Terry’s header and instead of 2-1 for Chelsea, a few seconds later there was a penalty, and it was a penalty, and it was 2-1 to Atletico.

‘In minute 61, two actions decided the game and after that there was only one team on the pitch. My team played with pride, honour and professionalism, but Atletico were very mature and intelligent in the way they controlled the game and they had complete control.’

‘We had a slight advantage in the way we controlled the game and the 1-1 left everything open for the second half, and that started the same way, but these matches are normally decide by details and that minute had two details.

‘After that there was one team with confidence and at the top of their game. We had the feeling that the game was lost and they had the feeling that the game was in their hands, and after they were very solid. I knew before that Atletico were a real team and I congratulate them.

‘I said yesterday my players were ready and they wanted to be ready because they wanted to play, they wanted to help, because they know the situation where we were so close to the final but at the same time with so many problems. So everyone of my players tried the maximum and Eto’o was here almost without a training session, and Oscar was on the bench and he was injured.

‘We had so many problems but the players gave everything and I am happy with them. They can go home sad but with a clean face. They did their work, they lost the game but they lost against a very good team.’

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