Capital One Cup – semifinal leg 1: Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

Jose Mourinho reacts after the draw:

‘Obviously Liverpool didn’t deserve to lose but I’m frustrated because we had lots of situations when we recovered the ball in a low block, facing a three-defender tactical system, with lots of space to counter attack. Eden, Willian and Diego were in great condition to attack spaces but we missed so many passes. We recovered the ball and then lost the ball, the exact opposite of what happened against Swansea. Then, we recovered the ball and made the right pass, the right choice.

‘Tonight it was fantastic defensive work, everybody was committed and organised, recovering the ball against good players, fast players, but when we recovered the ball we were not efficient with the transitions, so to score only one goal frustrates me.’

‘It’s fantastic the way big clubs like Chelsea and Liverpool treat this competition. In my clubs, I don’t accept the philosophy of one competition being more important than another. This is the most important, tomorrow the FA Cup becomes the most important. It was a proper semi-final, big prestige for the competition. We made a couple of changes but we tried to reach the final and in the next game we will do the same.’

Every Chelsea fan enjoys Wembley and we are one victory away from being there. I hope and I know they would like that. The last two League Cups Chelsea played were at Cardiff, Wembley is different.’