MLS Hudson River Derby: New York City FC 1-1 New York Red Bulls

In a wild MLS derby that saw the home team finishing down to 9 men, the Red Bulls were unable to grab a victory at their rivals atop of the Eastern Conference standings.

It might feel like a loss for the visitors and a good point saved for the home crowd. Regardless, the NY derby had all explosive ingredients as we expected and we cannot wait for the MLS Playoffs when things will get definitively more serious between the two teams!

Coach Red Bulls, Armas on the draw:

“We’re not going to get emotional about this. We went to Vancouver, got a point. We came to New York City where they haven’t lost and got a point. When things were level, we thought we were the better team.

That’s that I think each and everyone in the second half were not on top. I think first half was great. The second half, for whatever reason and I really don’t know, I have to analyze it – but that was not the case. Defensively, we conceded which was disappointing as well. On the other hand, we should create chances as well.

One point on the road, tough place to play, a derby match, which they’re always interesting. And then there’s the other side, we’re up two guys and couldn’t get the game winner so there will be some initial frustration — but short lived — and on to the next one Sunday.” 

In the MLS Standings, Atlanta leads all teams with a 2-point margin New York RB and three points over the NYCFC. The race for top spot will be tight until the end of the regular season with just about 10 games to be played.