MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy 1-1 Los Angeles FC

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Carlos Vela traded the goal but ultimately the draw arranges the visitors. The LA Galaxy have been struggling lately and are unable to grab a win.

Ibrahimovic was very frustrated after the game:

“It was an easy game. We should have won easy. I know when I play the games that if it was difficult, I would say it. If it was impossible, I would say it, but the game was easy.

I think everything was good until we came to their box. The last pass was not good at all. This game we could win easy, it was an easy game. We were much better than them and we had good chances but the last pass was totally opposite of what it should be and we could have scored three or four goals easily.

We were much better than them until the final part of the field where we should have destroyed them, but we didn’t, and we gave them one point. I prefer to win the trophy than to win against them. Like I said, it was an easy game. We are much better than them.”

Coach Schmid:

“Well I thought we played a lot better this week than we did last week in Seattle for sure. Defensively, we shored some things up. I thought our intensity was really good. I thought the first half was really good for us. It’s unfortunate to give away the penalty.

They were around the goal in the second half and had some chances, but we had some chances at the other end and I think we were a little too unselfish. We need to be a little more selfish and pull the trigger. But in terms of the effort, quality and desire they showed after last week’s game, I was really pleased.”

Sebastian Lletget added:

“We always want to get Ibra involved, I thought we could have done better, including myself maybe. It could have been better. It’s a shame that they had the penalty, but I thought we had them until that point.”