By Alton Costa

The big match of the weekend. Milan against Juventus always offers a mountain of debates and insights. It is a game between two of the most prestigious Italian clubs who won titles and who have shared the majority of the 90’s glories.

Milos Krasic, Juventus’ star was given a two day ban sanction for the ‘simulation’ against Bologna. It was a hot debate which went through the whole week. Juventus tried in vain to appeal the sentence which was confirmed a couple of days later. Therefore no Krasic and in the last minute key man Chiellini experienced a muscular fatigue. An uphill start to the match for the Turin side.

Let us dive into the match. A very aggressive start from Milan which showed all their offensive potential but the Juventus defensive structure, which is starting to give the inspired results, held strong.

After the initial Milanese tour de force, Juventus began slowly structuring a well organised counter attack. This year’s Juventus revival is mainly thanks to the strong midfield line up. A mixture of strength, inventive and sacrificial attitude is contributing to make this vital team section the most best one in Italy.

Miss happenings struck Juventus and right after the first goal, a wonderful cross from De Ceglie and headed beautifully by Quariarella (photo) (who promised that he will pay dinner if he manages to score – I think he can afford it!). The same De Ceglie, who until that time foddered an above average performance, had to leave the pitch after clashing knee to knee with Bonera. Later the medical report showed that he fractured his knee (3 months on the injured list). Del Neri did not have any natural substitutes on the bench as both Grygera and Traore are injured. He gave the full back keys to Simone Pepe who is a winger, who had a very good performance considering it was the first one in this role. To this Martinez, Krasic’s substitute who was having a very convincing performance, had to leave the pitch as well, he will have to stay out for more than 2 months.

The rest of the match was quite balanced with no real serious danger for both Goalkeepers till Del Piero’s Goal, who scored his 179th Goal, making him the best ever Juventus Scorer of all times.

It is good to point out that Milan did not deserve to lose the game as they had their fair share of chances. What really toppled the barrel in favor of Juventus was the determination and sacrificial attitude of the whole team. They understood that unity and application is much needed when things start to go wrong. Great merit goes to coach Del Neri who is managing to form as described by Melo “a Family.”
Ibrahimovic’s goal, the first one against his former italian teams, shed some hopeful light but the consequent tries from Milan where all neutralised.
Great boost for Juventus who are now only 2 points from Milan, gaining the 4th place. As regards to Milan, they do not go out of this match with less hopes. The team potential is there and for sure it would be one of the teams who will fight for the title.