USA 0-3 Mexico

If you were wondering what is the state of the US Men’s National Team, there you got a pretty lethargic response. 

Mexico dominated the Americans 3-0. They have registered their largest victory against their rivals for the past decade since the 2009 Gold Cup Final [5-0]. The humiliating night could have been softened with a late goal from the US but Sargent missed to convert the penalty awarded at the 87th minute. But again USMNT remained silent by scoring no goals against their North American rivals. 

Chicharito on the scoreboard

Mexico took 1-0 lead on its only shot on goal in the first half as Jesús Manuel Corona wriggled free of the USA defense before picking out Mexico’s all-time leading goal scorer Javier Hernandez to head home. 

In the second half USA tried to put pressure on the Mexican’s defense but sloppy plays awarded the visitors another goal to seal the victory. The third goal on a counterattack punctuated a successful night for the Mexicans while the Americans can go back to the drawing board and improve their game plan. We saw two teams with different class. Fans can be upset this was humiliating. 

Berhalter’s stunning press conference

However coach Berhalter was happier than during Gold Cup Final loss. This is hard to believe a coach could say that after being down 3 nothing at home. Is this man on something?

“From my perspective, and you guys are going to think I’m crazy, I’m happier about this game than the Gold Cup final.

Because in the Gold Cup final, I felt like all we did was play the ball long. And that was our only solution. And now, at least we tried to play in the way we’re envisioning.

“It’s tough in moments, but that’s how we’re going to grow, that’s how we’re going to learn. That is the game plan. We don’t want to just abandon ship because it’s not working. We’ve got to find solutions. There’s plenty of things that we could have done better to get out. We’ll look at that film, and we’ll grow from it.