Premier League fixture 25

Liverpool conceded a fourth straight home loss as the Premier League champions gives up on another title run. The Merseyside derby against Everton goes to the visitors for the first time since 1999. Although Liverpool bounced back in the Champions League round of 16 stage thanks to a conclusive victory against Leipzig (2-0), their difficulties in the top flight showed up once more. 

6th in the League

Alarming as it sounds, Liverpool isn’t in position to qualify for European Cups competition next year. With already 7 losses thus far this season, the Reds are in a pickle and must rebound in the league quickly to save a disappointing season. 

Coach Klopp on the loss:

“We conceded a completely unnecessary first goal and we should not forget that. That’s a big part of the game. There were two big parts. You have to defend and we have to score. In one situation we didn’t defend well enough, so they could score, we made a mistake if you want. And we didn’t use their mistakes or we didn’t use the things we created. And that’s why we have the result.

[We were] dominant in most of the games if I am right, we lost an away game as well where we were really dominant against Leicester. That means in the decisive moments we make either a mistake or just something strange happens, so that’s how it is. If we make a mistake, it’s 100 per cent they score from it and if we cause them to make mistakes that doesn’t mean immediately we will score.

I think everybody who saw the game tonight would say, ‘OK, if we watch the game without the goals, how can that happen?’ But it happened and not the first time, so we are really critical with ourselves there. How I said, the first goal was our mistake and we don’t finish the situations off. It’s about us as well, it’s not who can we criticize for that, that’s clear, we know that.

I said it already in other interviews, I don’t like to talk tonight about the good parts of the game because we lost the game and we lost the derby. But from tomorrow on we have to use that again, that’s how it is, because we cannot change the situation by playing bad, that’s not possible. But in decisive moments we have to improve, that’s clear.