Champions League Round of 16

The French champions will have to face Manchester United without its Brazilian superstar. Neymar got injured last week against Strasburg on the same foot that ended his season last year, before returning not at 100% to compete with the national team at the Russia World Cup. 

It is a big blow for PSG and the injury suffered by Neymar occurred pretty much at the same time as year. Surgery is still to be determined for the Brazilian but doctors have estimated he will be out at least 6-8 weeks. 

Manchester United are seeing its chances increasing to move on further in the European competition. Under Solskjaer the Red Devils have won 8 straight matches. They will face a short-handed PSG team that will miss its best player. 

Coach Tuchel on injuries and Man Utd coming up soon:

“In spite of injuries to certain players [Neymar and Verratti], the squad is very strong mentally. We’re disappointed for those who are injured, but for a few weeks now, we’ve been mentally very strong, you can really feel that it’s a solid squad.

The way the team’s form is progressing is good, and we’re a very united squad. We work a lot for that to be the case. I see a lot of energy, and a lot of quality in training sessions. We’re a strong team, a team that is extremely united.”

When the match against Manchester United comes along, we’ll think about it. I see my team is very strong, capable of handling the situation, without the players who are currently injured.

We’ve been very strong over a good number of weeks now. I know my players are only thinking about the next game.”