By Mark Vincent Lincir

The New York Red Bulls signing of Thierry Henry has me excited for one reason only…I want to see how many goals Henry can put up against MLS defenses. I don’t care about him setting up Juan Pablo Angel or sharing the wealth with anyone else. I want Henry to come over here and play like the Henry of old, the Arsenal Henry.

We have plenty of guys in the league that can set other players up (well, not really…but I’m trying to be polite). What the league lacks is out-and-out strikers, guys who live to score goals and do it on a consistent basis. I want Henry to guarantee 30 goals a season, I want him to guarantee that he will shatter Roy Lassiter’s single season goal scoring record. I want him to run up the score on teams and not take his foot off the pedal…ever!

We can expect a lot out of Henry and he must deliver…right away. He’s in a big market, with a brand new stadium and a team that is actually playing some decent soccer. I want to see his impact in his very first game. There’s no easing into this…he has to go nuts scoring goals from the first time he touches the ball. Am I setting the expectations extremely high for Henry?

Absolutely! That’s the way it should be. I’m sick of all the talk about soccer in the United States and tomorrow. I want it now and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. Henry had better do well right away or he’ll be considered a bust. I want him to do well, I like the way he plays, but we must put him under the same type of pressure he’s faced his entire life in Europe…if nothing else, it will make him feel at home. But most of all, it will compel him to score goals…lots of goals. And that is what he’s getting paid to do.

If you haven’t tuned into the SuperLiga games, check them out. Mexican teams and MLS teams battling for a prize of $1 million dollars. If you’re always complaining that MLS teams don’t care about the regular season, tune into the SuperLiga and you’ll see teams going at it. There’s no cruising through these games and the rivalry between Mexican and American teams couldn’t reach any higher intensities. Also, check out U.S. Open Cup action if you have the chance too, not as much cash on the line, but it’s a chance to see teams from USL try to knock out the supposed big boys of MLS.

Manchester United faces Celtic on Friday evening and the tours of European teams in the States starts all over again. Grab a friend and get out to a game!

I love the rumors about U.S. national team coach Bob Bradley going to Fulham. ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN. Remember after the 2006 World Cup when there was all that talk about Bruce Arena going to Europe to coach? Where did he end up? Major League Soccer. Bob will get his U.S. gig renewed, and he won’t ever coach club ball in Europe.

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