English Premier League: Manchester United 3-1 Aston Villa

Coach van Gaal comments on the victory:

“I think we could have played better today but I knew in advance that it would be very difficult, that they would organise their defence and play very defensively”.

“I am very pleased that we scored three goals because that’s not so easy against this defensive organisation.

“But as a manager you always want more, that we play with a higher ball tempo, but okay, I am very happy with the victory.”

“[Ander] has a very good kicking technique and he should only be more composed,” van Gaal continued. “I said to him ‘you have to control the ball before you shoot’.

“I said that to him again in yesterday’s training session, and then I kissed him at half-time because he had controlled the ball for the first time in his life and then he shot!

“It was beautiful and also the assist of Di Maria. I think he was one minute on the pitch and he already has an assist. That’s fantastic.

“But after Wayne’s fantastic goal, the concentration went again. You saw that – at the kick-off we didn’t have pressure on the ball and then you know what can happen.

“We also know that Benteke is very dangerous in front of the goal because he can head and shoot, and he also scored against us in the away match. It was a stupid goal against us.”

“We can look up in the table. The next match is for the second position or the third, I think.”


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