Champions League day 5: Manchester United 0-0 PSV Eindhoven

Manchester United could not find the decision against a defensive Dutch side who fought hard to bring the point back home. United is now in a vey delicate situation almost having to win in Wolfsburg to qualify to the Round of 16. Indeed the germans with 9 points need only a draw to qualify while Manchester United trails by one point and PSV Eindhoven, with 7 points, will host CSKA Moscow who are already eliminated. A win will guarantee PSV to advance and this is why United must win at Wolfsburg.. what a thrilling end!

Coach van Gaal comments on a frustrating night..

First half better than the second

“I think the first half was a reasonable performance. We have created three open chances and three other chances and we give only two chances away against a very defensive opponent. But then the second half was not great and I think it is a miracle that we didn’t give chances away in the second half – only one, I believe.”

Changes made no difference

“Our midfielders had to give an angle to our central defenders, to Daley Blind and Chris Smalling, because they were playing against one striker, De Jong. So in the first half that was not always the case, but in the second half, this happened less in spite of my changes. Normally when I change it goes better but today it was not like that, so I was also very disappointed that my changes didn’t give an improvement. I thought that with this line-up, we had the best chance to win and you never know whether that would have happened if Mata had played from beginning.”

No guarantees at Old Trafford

“It’s also a big disappointment for the fans because everybody counts at Manchester United at home that they shall win. But it is not so easy, and that we know, but we never admit that.”

Lack of goals a concern

“Of course I am worried but I know also that goals are not always a consequence of good or bad performances. Today we could have scored at least three goals – they were not the most difficult chances, but we didn’t score. Yet in the next game, we could score out of nothing. That’s football.”

Hopeful of winning in Wolfsburg 

“We are still second and are still in the qualifying position. We have to win in Wolfsburg and that’s a difficult game, but everything is possible, it is never impossible. We won at home against them, so why can’t we win away? We can win everywhere. We prove it this year. Also in the Premier League, our average in away matches is much higher than last year. And we have to do that also in the Champions League.”

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