Money does not buy everything for Manchester United

Manchester United defeated 201 at home by Sevilla FC show the deficiencies of the team full of individual talents but lacking a collective spirit… Alexis Sanchez, Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, Romel Lukaku and the names and faces to showcase the 2018 Manchester United. This is a team to build success and win titles orchestrated by the 3-time Champions League winner Jose Mourinho. 

last year Manchester United won the Europa League but this year the team will have to fight for a title in the FA Cup, as exit came early in the Round of 16 of the Champions League and they are distanced by Manchester City for the title. Fans should expect more and they are right. 

Coach Mourinho on the early exit:

“Yes [we have to look at winning the FA Cup and finishing in the top four]. But a fantastic team like Tottenham has exactly the same target as us to do that. Liverpool have the Champions League but don’t have the FA Cup and that’s football and that’s life. We lost and tomorrow is another day. We have no time for dramas. We have to work because on Saturday we have another important match. 

I think the first goal will always be important in this match – not just because of the first leg result [a goalless draw] but also because of the profile of the match [a Champions League last-16 tie]. We tried since the first minute to be aggressive and to be intense and I could find some similarities between this game and the beginning against Liverpool last weekend.

But then, we didn’t score and Sevilla progressively kept the ball, they were quite confident having the ball and hiding the ball from us and controlling the game well. In spite of that, we didn’t have problems in the first half. In the second half, we had good chances to score. We had good and dangerous approaches to their box. They scored a goal and from that moment everything became much more emotional and much more difficult and the second goal made it almost impossible.

“It would always be a difficult match against a good team. The first goal was important for the mentality especially from the psychological point of view. The team started well but the goal was missing. The first half, we had everything under control. Sevilla were more than happy with 0-0 and that was exactly what they tried for.

In the second half, we had chances and dangerous approaches but they scored before us. After that, we were on the edge and it was really difficult. You can concede with more time to play. I said yesterday to the press, I expected this from them, this type of approach. They let the game go until a very dangerous period for us, which they did, and they scored a goal. After that, everything was more difficult as, especially, we had less time.”