Premier League matchday 33: Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea

Chelsea has now lost 2 out of their last 3 games while Tottenham Hotspur capitalized with three wins closing the gap to just 4 points with still much to play. Chelsea has been fragile the past few weeks and as we said before it is their title to lose. It would be shocking to not see Chelsea win the Premier League this year but at least they entertain us with a late thriller in the League. 

For Manchester United, the race to Champions League is on with the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool and maybe Arsenal if they turn it around…. Jose did Mourinho when he pointed in the United’s crest to show his allegiance to Man Utd and he most likely took a great pride to knock off his former club. We hear from the coaches post-game

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United

“I think everyone did what they had to do. Everybody fought really hard. Bailly and Rojo, I think they deserve a special mention because they have played in absolutely every game, non-stop, since the injuries of Smalling and Jones. But I am really happy with the team and the results, because the Manchester City and Liverpool results left us in the position of needing to win. Not even a draw would be a good result for us, so I am really happy for the boys and for us because we keep two windows open to try to play Champions League football.

We went to Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup with same tactics and the game was totally controlled when we played with 11 players. Only the decision that made us play with 10 men for the second half, plus some minutes in the first half, gave Chelsea a chance to be dominant, but we knew that if we played this way then it would be very difficult for them.

I cannot yet give up the Premier League. We have to try and if one day we are in the Europa League and in the Premier League the distance is too big, then we have to prioritise and nobody can criticise us if in the last matches of the league we do it in a different way. But while it is mathematically possible, we have to go with everything we have.”

Antonio Conte, Chelsea

“We didn’t play a good game, and United deserved to win the game because they showed more desire, ambition and motivation. It’s very simple, but in this case it is the fault of the coach. It means the coach wasn’t able to transfer the right concentration, motivation, desire and ambition to win this game. The situation is simple today.

We have to think there are six finals from now until the end. The league is open. We have a 50 per cent probability of winning the league. We must know this. If we finish top of the table it means we deserve to, otherwise it means another team deserves it. The pressure is normal. I prefer to fight for the title and have the pressure rather than not fighting for the title and staying calm. We are lucky to have that pressure. Last season Chelsea had no pressure. You play calm and you’re happy.

We are doing a great job, a miracle if you consider last season and the problems we had. For this reason, we must have great enthusiasm to play these last six games, with passion and a will to fight and win, and if we are able to win we must be proud. Otherwise we must clap another team. I have confidence in myself and in my players and the club. This is not the first time we face this type of situation. We must be proud to have this type of situation. It’s important to understand what was wrong today and then restart together. I repeat the fault is mine.”

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