Premier League: Leicester 0-3 Manchester United

the former champion keeps disappointing week after week. When you think that LCFC won the Premier League last year, what on earth happened to this team. Now with only a point clear of the red zone.. Leicester City, still in the Champions League, will fight for its life in the League. After being the Cinderella story of last year, the Foxes are having a nightmare of a season… Enough said, they probably are where they deserved to be and last year was an anomaly more than anything less.

For Manchester United, hopes are high with the win and Liverpool and Arsenal losses. Probably the title is out of reach, but second place is in the coach’s plans…

Mourinho comments on the easy win:

“I think we played like we normally play. We played well, we tried to win. Obviously the opponent is difficult but that’s something we are used to. We didn’t have the best start – in the first 15 or 20 minutes. But then we started to have control, we moved the ball around, we created chances, we scored goals. That’s the only difference – that we arrived at half-time with a 2-0 result. Then we controlled the game and it was quite easy.

There were many good performances. The global performance was very good and there were many good individual performances; obviously Micki with the goal and assist and some amazing actions come into the eye, but I could name many players with very good individual performances.

Look, my team is playing very well. For many years in my career, especially in this country, when my teams were ruthless, phenomenal defensively and very good on the counter-attack, I listened week after week that it was not enough, despite winning the title three times. It looks like this season to be phenomenal defensively and good on the counter-attack is an art – it is a big change in England. My Manchester United, I don’t want to change the profile of our play – this is the way we, the fans and the club want to play. But I don’t want to be the manager of a team that plays very well, creates a lot of chances and does not win matches. We need to score goals and we today we did.

I don’t know if we put pressure on. I know that we are there. We are going to have a much more difficult season than them and we are in a difficult situation but we are there. The team plays well; the team has given us a reason to trust them until the end.”