Chelsea did not hold on 

Willian has been Chelsea’s best player over the last few weeks and he showed why again! Being up 1-0, the Blues did not hold on to the lead quickly. 

Lukaku leveled 

We were tied 1-1 at the break and the Red Devils complete the comeback in the second half.

coach Manchester United Mourinho on the win:

“I think we beat a fantastic team. For some reason, they were the champions last season. For some reason, they played the way they did against Barcelona.

For some reason, they started the game so well as they started here. We beat a very good team and to beat a very good team, you need to be organised but you also need to have a humble spirit where everybody works, everybody fights, everybody tries to follow a game plan. I repeat, we beat a very good team.

They started very well, it’s as simple as that. When Chelsea hit the posts, I was looking to my players and I was thinking ‘what could we do?’ or ‘who can I blame?’ but it was so beautifully played that I had nothing to say.

They are a very good team – they have big routines of their football. They have a fantastic dynamic of the way they project the wing-backs.

I was trying to find a way for my players to be dangerous in the interior football because through the sides Chelsea are very, very strong, so we found a way to play against them where we didn’t concede much.

I think we had a good control of Eden [Hazard], Willian, of course, is an amazing player and in that action [his goal] he killed us, but we took progression of the game, we had more and more control of the game without creating lots of chances because we didn’t but they also didn’t.

That’s the way I was expecting the game to be when I spoke with you before the game – a tight game.”

Coach Chelsea Conte on the tough loss: 

We are disappointed with the final result. We had a great chance to get three points against a competitor for a place in the Champions League, but in the end we are talking about another defeat.

When you have this type of situation, you have to manage the game better, and you must be able, with experience and maturity, to get three points.

‘Instead we are talking about a loss. We are very disappointed about this. In this league getting a place in the Champions League is not simple.

This country has the only championship where you can find six teams who start the season by fighting to win the title or getting a place in the Champions League. It’s very hard for every team.

There is this risk. We must be ready to be concentrated, and to understand this target is an important target for us, but it won’t be easy.”