Premier League matchday 20: West Ham United 0-2 Manchester United

Man United have extended their winning streak to six consecutive matches. Ibrahimovic scored his thirteenth goal of the campaign (one behind leader Diego Costa from Chelsea) and the Red Devils are now within striking distance of 3rd place. 

Coach Mourinho comments on the good form after a disappointing start of the season:

“Congratulations to everyone on the pitch because I realize that it’s really hard. I was a bit disappointed with some mistakes, with some bad decisions, but that is typical of fatigue and there are no miracles. And for them with 10 men for a long period is even more difficult. With 11 it’s difficult, with 10 it’s more difficult. For us, it was a question of keeping a clean sheet which we did. 

It was a difficult match but I had ammunition on the bench. I had Mata and Rashford, who were crucial in both matches when coming off the bench. In these fixtures it is very important to have people on the bench, capable of winning the game.

Liverpool result was 2-2. So we have gained two points on Liverpool. I was thinking about Chelsea and Tottenham [playing on Tuesday], because one of them will lose or both will get the draw. But also Liverpool, so we have gained points on the second-placed team and we play them at Old Trafford. If we play with 75,000 then we can win.”


  1. Manchester United are playing great games, but they need to show their football against big teams like Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool. The next classics will be against Liverpool, I believe that dueling is decisive for both clubs.

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