Man Utd come from behind to beat the Spurs

Manchester United 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur. Herrera complete the come back as the Red Devils fell early with a goal from Dele Alli.

Although in London at Wembley stadium, the Spurs could not beat their opponent and fail the semifinal stage for the eight time in club’s history. 

Man United coach Jose Mourinho comments on advancing to the Final:

“I am very happy. We deserved it. If we split the match into periods, we were the best team for many of these periods. Even when they had the ball, when we were winning we were totally in control. We lost control after the 1-0. At half-time we spoke – we came back late for the second half because we spoke a lot – and organised ourselves. When you play away from home the supporters were phenomenal.

We should ask ourselves why there is too many critics on all of us? We can finish second with six more points. To do that with all the fantastic teams we play against will be an achievement for a club that couldn’t do it for a few years now. And it will be a fourth final in three years.

So, maybe too much criticism. The best way to answer to it is to work and to live with it and to cope with it and to fight, which is what we all did this week. Bad result and bad performance on the Sunday [against West Brom], not happy at all. But we stuck together, we stayed away for five days from everything and just focused on preparing both matches.

Now we can go back to Manchester with the second place in the Premier League, even with one match less than Liverpool, and with a place in the final.

I think you grew up with criticism, with pressure and intense work – not just tactically but also mentally. I think the boys are growing up and it was two very good performances this week, using almost every player of the squad in these two matches and I think everybody as a group is very happy to go back to Manchester with a place in the final.

To play in big clubs, you must be an incredible talent or good talent with an incredible mentality. If you don’t have quality, you cannot play for a big club. If you don’t have mentality, you cannot do it so I think we are trying to find this balance of a group with quality but with that mental toughness.”