Manchester City 1-4 Liverpool

MCFC was completely absent and dormant against Liverpool whereas they had the chance to solidify their lead on top of the table. On the contrary their rivals Man United pass City with this significant home defeat. The game was over in the first half with a 3-0 lead. Manchester City never evert came back from a 3-0 deficit at home so hopes were close to none at this point.

Coach Pellegrini addresses the loss:

“The performance was unbelievable. We have difficulty in understanding why we played so badly as a complete team. Defending, attacking, possession – I’ve never seen this team play like we did tonight. I will not explain the starting 11. If I had to choose again I would do the same. It’s not one name or another name. It was a  complete disaster – the whole team. I was not happy with performance of 11 players, not only Yaya and Navas. We tried another system, we tried to press high but it was the exactly the same, it was not our night.

We didn’t create chances we concede four goals we could have conceded three or four more. It’s difficult to understand. We need to turn the page as soon as we can. This performance is not normal, we all must think what will happen in the future, we have an important game on Wednesday, sometimes it happens in football to play like this.”

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