Everton 2-0 Manchester City

Assistant manager Platt reacts:

“Perhaps we didn’t throw enough at them and when we did create chances we didn’t put them away.

“The way the game went with bags of bookings, you felt as though somebody was going to go down to ten men. They did and we didn’t take advantage of that.

From where I was down on the touchline I didn’t know if it was inside or not, but we quickly had a message come through to us that it was inside – having now seen it myself, it was well inside the box, but it’s not gone for us,” continued  Platt.

“But even then we probably created enough decent chances to get something out of the game.”

“We haven’t done that today and by the end of the evening it could be 15 points and people will start talking about that.

“It’s not mathematically impossible, but even then it is it doesn’t change our focus and intensity.

“Our professionalism will be to go out and win our remaining games to ensure that we finish as high up the table as we possibly can and try to ensure that we win the FA Cup, too.”




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