Manchester City 3-1 Watford

After dropping points for the first time since 18 games, Manchester City did not take long to get back on track and win the next match. It took only 38 second for Raheem Sterling to put City on the scoreboard again after being muzzled by Crystal Palace the last game. 

Coach Guardiola comments on the victory:

“It was the first time we dropped points in 18 games and the reaction you saw, except 15 minutes in the first half when we were not good enough. We lose simple balls. They create two or three chances. In the second half, when we could be tired, it was completely the opposite. We could have scored more.

What I saw in the last weeks, how many injuries the players have. We are going to kill them. The federation needs to reflect. I know the show must go on but this is not normal. They make a lot of control anti-dopings and control us – but we don’t protect the players.

The people come here to watch the players and enjoy their performances. Not the managers in the press conferences or journalists. In England, you don’t protect the players. You can’t play every two days.

The tradition is the tradition, we have to think about it a little bit. The players are artists and they are the reason we are here.”