Premier League: Arsenal 2-2 Chelsea

This game was a classic derby, full of intensity and with plenty of chances to score for either team. Ultimately Arsenal saved a point thanks to Bellerin’s late equalizer.

A point that sends back Arsenal onto the sixth place and further away for the top 4 Champions League spots. Things had started better for the Gunners with the goal opener struck by Wilshere into the net. But only a few minutes later the referee awarded a penalty to Chelsea for a foul on Hazard. 

Chelsea came from behind to take the lead at 2-1 only ten minutes before the end. But with the 90 minutes up Bellerin concluded the thrilling four-goal half with a magnificent strike that left no chance to Courtois. A fair but disappointing result for Arsenal and Chelsea. 

Arsenal Coach Wenger on another frustrating evening:

“I think it was a great football game, where we saw fantastic action on both sides and a game where we have shown great mental resources. I knew before the game that the last 20 minutes could be difficult for us, because we have a big disadvantage with the schedule. We got, again, a farcical decision but we knew that as well before, so we have to deal with that. That’s it basically.
Look, what I find terrible is that we have just seen is a great football game and we talk only about things that are nothing to do with football. At some stage, you stand up in the morning and you say ‘we have seen a great football game’ but you are not interested in that. For me, that would be nice, that at some stage we speak about football again. What are we talking about? It’s nothing to do with football.”
On being sixth in the table: 

“That is very frustrating, I agree with you. We have to look at ourselves as well, but still, I think it was a great football game and when you look recently our performances have been top quality. The regret we have is that we have not the results that we could have had. Certainly that is part of our problem, but as well on the other side, you have to say that we have not been gifted this luck.”
Chelsea Coach Conte on not winning this game:
“It was an exciting game for the people who watch, less so for us because when you are winning 2-1 and there are two minutes to go, we have to win the game, especially against a great team like Arsenal. A 2-2 draw against Arsenal at Emirates could be a good result but after the game there is a lot of disappointment because we created important chances.
It was a good performance and we played with good intensity, like Arsenal did and it was an exciting game, but at the same time we must be a bit disappointed with the final result because to get three points today was very important. For sure I know also in my players there is a lot of disappointment and for sure my feeling is the same as my players.”