Premier League week 10

The English Premier League concluded with the champions Manchester City taking on Tottenham Hotspur for a clash on top of the table. The Citizens won 1-0 thanks to a goal from Mahrez and join Liverpool at first place.

The pitch was bad the day after following the NFL game and the quality of play suffered. Wembley organizers must think about the quality when scheduling back-to-back games.

Manchester City coach, Guardiola on the win:

“We played against one of the most physical teams I’ve ever faced. They have incredible physicality and on this pitch, it was so complicated.


The back four were quite good, especially the central defenders. In the first 15, 20 mins of the second half, it should have been ‘game over’. That is a problem.

In big, important events like the Champions League, if we are not clinical, sooner or later, we are not going to win.

It is satisfying [to win]. Every time you play against title contenders, especially away at Tottenham, and win, it is a big satisfaction.

I give a compliment for the team and especially with the conditions for both sides – Tottenham are a team with a lot of quality.

On a better pitch, they will be better. It is not easy for them to play in those conditions. Hopefully, they can play better on a better pitch.”

Coach Pochettino on the loss:

“It was a very good performance. I’m disappointed with the result but I think the performance was good.

It was an even game, we were very competitive in a good game in difficult circumstances for both teams. I’m happy in the way we played and competed.

We gave everything to try to win. You can say nothing but to be proud of the effort of the team.

We can only work hard, try to give the team trust and confidence and look forward to the next game.”