How do you feel after making your first start for your new team?

“It feels great, it’s a dream to be part of that team to be playing fantastic football from the first minute to the last. To be in control of the game, Newcastle is a really great team but couldn’t live with us so it’s brilliant to be here. Things can be said outside of the pitch but the main thing is what happens on it. So the main thing is making sure the spirit and the belief don’t drop and to keep working hard. The Premier League and the race for the title is a marathon not a sprint. Today we have scored five goals but tomorrow could be harder so let’s keep our feet on the ground.


What were your feeling when you were told about the move to Tottenham Hotspur from Everton?

“I never thought twice about it. When I got the call, I was just like: ‘where’s my car?’ It was as simple as that. I just got great excitement from that move. As a kid, you always dreamed of playing fantasy football, attacking football and you’ve seen that here. In the first 15 minutes, it was like the quickest football that I’ve ever played. To be part of that is just a pleasure.”


Did the transfer come as a surprise to you?

“It was a surprise but it’s been there in the background and yet you always try not to be disruptive, be part of any rumours. That’s not my way. I want to be concentrated and focused on the team. I was an Everton player until the last minute and was always concentrated on doing my job, giving everything. But the move was complete I was very happy.”


Does the Tottenham Hotspur style of player suit you?

“Yes, I like the pace and with so much creativity you have to make the right move at the right time. You can feel that your chance is going to be there in one moment and you have to take it. I had a few opportunities and I managed to score two goals.”


Is this a big chance for you late on in your career?

“I could say I’ve always done well no matter what happened to me injury wise, but I’ve always felt if I give 100 per cent then I will get rewards. I always try to give my best and I scored two goals on my first start.


Did you expect to stay at Everton for the rest of your career?

“I could say that I expected to stay but in football things change very quickly in six months. If you play well then you can move onto a bigger club. If you don’t do well then you can move to a lower club.


Has it been a crazy week?

“It’s always crazy around big players, big managers or big teams. You will always get that. In some ways you always have to make sure your focus is on the team, make sure you are working hard for the team. Simple.


What do you make of Harry Redknapp’s methods?

“It’s early on but when a manager calls you and says: ‘I really believe in you’ then you can’t say anything but: ‘he’s great!’ But seriously, I think he’s been a great manager from the first day he’s been involved in football and made the right choices. He’s brought players up to a different level or get the best out of players. For me, it feels like a great opportunity to work with a really talented manager.”


What are your thoughts on the performance of Emmanuel Adebayor, who created four and scored one against Newcastle?

“He has been immense, physically and his work-rate and desire to get involved in everything has been.. I mean, assists for four goals and score one – he has been involved in everything. It’s dead easy to play with him. He is a great character to be around.”


Will there be big competition for places in the starting XI?

“I think that’s the sign of a great side. If you want to win titles you have to understand that you have got competition and you know sometimes it’s bad. It’s not about individual work. I am happy today and then there is going to be another player but that is fine for me. The main thing is to win things.”