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Liverpool and Newcastle have so far had a season that they were not expecting. Liverpool suffered a slew of bad results and intern and decided to change managers mid season. Newcastle followed suit and also changed managers a little later on in the season. These changes have had much different results having Liverpool with the advantage. As these teams are set to collide this week we see that there are many factor to consider when predicting the outcome of this game.




Since Klopp has taken over managerial duties for Liverpool we are starting to see results and as we all know you cannot turn a football team around in a short time. Patience has paid off as over the last month we have seen some staggering improvements in the team. After beating Borussia Dortmund (Jurgen Klopp’s previous previous team) in the semi-finals of Europa League, in EPL they also managed to defeat a very well put together team in the Tottenham HotSpurs. This is a little icing on the cake as Spurs had beaten Dortmund 2-1 in their previous matchup.


Liverpool had suffered several injuries this season and with a little luck they will not be plagued with the same affliction. As the summer transfer window is soon upon us it is understandable that Klopp will be spending some big money in hopes of beefing up his current roster. It looks like Klopp may be on the right path wit his new team and anyone interested in football betting should consider them to be a possible EPL champion in the near future.


Newcastle United


After Rafa Benitez took over as manager Newcastle has been struggling. There is going to be a lot of work done if they are to qualify for EPL next year as so far they are on a path that will make them not qualify for Europa next year. On the weekend there was some light at the end of the tunnel in a victory over Swansea. In the past they have had trouble playing away games and this match against Liverpool they will surely be tested. If Newcastle does go down there is going to be a slew of problems to deal with. They will have to sell off their biggest players and replace them with weaker ones.


Game Prediction


For this week 35 of English Premier league it is my opinion that Liverpool will take this game. A newly organized team coupled with new leadership along with a home advantage is all they need to squeak out a win. Against a team that as mentioned above does not travel very well, it looks like its almost a sure thing. This simple advantage might give them what they need to get a place in European football. As Newcastle will be desperate for a win they will be heavy on the attack and therefore will be a high score match. Prediction of 3-1 for Liverpool is the result of my analysis. With their necks in a noose Newcastle will have to pull out all the stops in their following games if they are to stay in the League.

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