West Ham 1-2 Liverpool

The rendez-vous is set for probably Liverpool’s biggest upcoming game vs. Manchester City this weekend. It will be critical and probably decisive for the Premier League title…

Coach Rodgers speaks after another Reds win:

“We changed the game at half-time – we were 4-3-3 and trying to get the two front boys in the team, but I didn’t think it was quite working for us and we couldn’t dominate the game as much as I would have liked.

“We went to a diamond in the second half to give us numbers in the middle of the field and put the two strikers closer together, which could stretch them a bit more. We were dominant second half, and Steven was pivotal in that for us.”

“I thought the two centre-halves were outstanding. Andy Carroll, for me, is the best in Europe in that situation where the ball gets played up like that.

“He can either direct it to the goal, or he sets people up. That direct style of football can be unplayable, but I thought Skrtel was brilliant today in when to challenge, when to drop off, when to intercept in front.

“Sakho has been waiting for his chance and there are players who are very committed to the squad. Lucas came on in the second half as well and contributed.

“We had to defend well and they put pressure on us – not so much shots because they had one shot on target – but we had to stand up and be counted, and we did that.”


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