Coach Rodgers speaks top the press following the 3-0 loss at Anfield in the hands of Real Madrid in the Champions League:

“I actually thought we started the game very well – we were aggressive in our pressing and passing and we were coping very well. Then in that period after they got the first goal through to half-time, we conceded a disappointing first goal and then the other two were sloppy and loose and nowhere near what we would want.

“At 3-0 against a team that score so many goals and can be so dangerous, it’s a dangerous game then. I’ve got to give big credit to the players because in that first period of the game we were very good.

“We conceded poor goals against a top side but then in the second half, we were much better technically, kept possession of the ball better and were a threat.

“Overall, it was a bit harsh for us to be 3-0 down at half-time. You see their quality and speed, the level of their game is high. But obviously it’s disappointing when you’re 3-0 down at half-time.”

“We’ve got a very young team and you saw that this evening – their experience in terms of games against our young squad. But I was proud of the players tonight for how they kept going. They are a fantastic team, they have got great players. I’m also proud of my players, even though we lost the game 3-0.

In the first period of the game and the second half, you see lots of teams crumble at 3-0 down against a team of that quality and speed on the counter-attack.

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