Liverpool fails in Champions League Round of 16

We saw it coming. The reigning champion Liverpool is no longer in the competition. Atletico Madrid came from behind in the second leg of the tournament to beat Liverpool, 3-2, in overtime. 

The Reds started the game with a 1-0 deficit that Wijnaldum erased right before the break (43″). At 1-0 Liverpool pressured but could not find the second goal in regular. The thrilling game was going to take a dramatic turn during the the first overtime period.

Firmino gave the lead

The deliverance came from the Brazilian international at the 94th minute. Liverpool was then up 2-0 and had done what was necessary to move onto the quarterfinals. But legs got tired and Atletico quickly capitalized on poor Liverpool decisions to reduce score by Llorente at 2-1, only 3 minutes after Firmino had scored.  

Llorente would add another goal and Morata concluded the Atletico Madrid come from behind victory. Atletico coach Simeone strong defensive scheme overcame Liverpool’s talent and football. He added: “I’m very happy for the team and the club. We’re once again amongst Europe’s eight best teams. It was a game that will go down in history against an extraordinary opponent at a beautiful stadium.”

Not always the best team advance as Liverpool’s European season came to an end.

Coach Klopp on the loss tonight:

“I think everybody who saw the game tonight knows that it could have been different. I loved our first 90 or 95 minutes, however long it was. Our first, main mistake tonight was that we scored the second goal too late; we scored in extra-time and not in the 90 minutes, so that was our fault. When you see a team like Atletico packed with world-class players in their positions and they play the way they play, it is the most difficult thing to do, to face, that’s how it is.

We did exceptionally well, we played exactly in the spaces we have to play. I loved the football we played, I loved how we played in the half-spaces, I loved how we used our triangles, squares on the left and right side, how we passed the ball, how we came to finishes. 

In the end they scored two more goals and we didn’t, so we lost both games – congratulations to Atletico, they are through. I said it now already to pretty much all TV stations, I am really an under-average loser, to be honest. At least tonight, if I would say all the things I have in my mind I would look like the worst loser in the world, so I best stop here.

We were lucky in moments in the Champions League, when we went through for some reason. Usually we really deserved it but there were lucky moments as well. Tonight we are out. Atletico won both games, they are deservedly in the next round. So from now on we will watch the Champions League instead of being part of it.”