Liverpool loses at Chelsea 2-0 in FA Cup 5th round

Premier League 

Liverpool is no longer unbeatable in the Premier League. One of the most incredible runs in Premier League football history came to a bitter end at Watford, 3-0. The Reds were looking for a club record nine consecutive away wins in the League but got smashed instead with all goals coming into the second half. Amazingly coach Klopp’s squad has shown signs of a slowdown for a few weeks now. 

422 days in the League

Liverpool loses after being undefeated for 422 days in the Premier League. Actually the Reds have lost 3 out of their last 4 games (1-0 at Atletico, 3-0 at Watford and 2-0 at Chelsea). In each defeat the opponents muzzled the attacking front as Premier League leaders went scoreless on three occasions. 

“We came through an incredibly long period with incredible performances, sensational football, wonderful goals, great success until this point. I didn’t want it to happen now, but then if it is in a year and happens then, it is the same situation just later. There’s a reason for losing a football game and I prefer to see the reason than not knowing why. It was not that the fortunes changed or whatever, or destiny wants to give us a knock. We were just not good enough. That’s the easy answer and that filled a lot of information with what the boys get because we don’t want to now stick to thinking about that game for too long.

We cannot fight more for the cup competitions than we do already. One cup competition we proved it in the last at least couple of years, that we take it really serious, was the Champions League.”

FA Cup exit

Chelsea is the latest club to defeat and dominate Liverpool 2-0. Although coach Klopp is not worried about the current slope, he understand things can turn around quickly in both directions. His thoughts on the loss:

It went our way for so long because we defended outstandingly. Usually you don’t get a lot of chances against us and stuff like this. Now we have to admit that in the last three games – [maybe] four – we have conceded absolutely too many goals, that’s true. From completely different situations, so it is not one problem, but we see it as well. I am not worried about the momentum. Momentum is not something you get as a present, you have to get it to keep it.

We have always a chance to get it back. No, I am not concerned about the momentum. It is football and we never thought it would be an easy season, it would be an easy period, it would be an easy game tonight. Nothing, it was always clear it would be difficult – it was always clear it was difficult. We did very well, but tonight not good enough in decisive moments and that’s what we have to accept.