Liverpool will give it all against City

Liverpool will probably not win the Premier League as Manchester City built a lead that should allow them to be crowned in a fe weeks. However, Liverpool and City will face in the Champions League quarterfinals and the Reds’ current form is exceptional. The tie is going to be very intense and Liverpool can seriously beat Man City to advance and be one of the 4 best teams in Europe. 

Salah is incredible

The Egyptian scored a quadruple and tallied his 25th, 26th, 27th ad 28th goals this season. Not only he leads the Premier League but he is the golden boot in Europe with the most goals out of all Leagues. This season saw his explosion to a superstar status and Liverpool do not miss Coutinho as much as they would thought…  

Coach Klopp praises his player following an amazing performance:

“You can ask about him, but he gave the answer already! He gave it with four goals and if the question is what do I think about that, I think it’s quite exceptional.

It was another good performance in a very difficult game in a very impressive manner, coping and dealing with difficult conditions tonight. The whole team did, of course, but around the first goal I would say Mo especially because it was obviously slippery, so everybody suffered – but not Mo in that situation. It was really special scoring that goal.

The second goal, a fantastic pass from Sadio to Robbo, a fantastic cross and great sprint. Third goal, fantastic situation, Mo and then Roberto. Fourth and fifth goals were outstanding, so that’s all you need to be on the highest level.

I am really happy about the result, of course, but also the performance because I knew after we made the analysis of the last Watford game, against Arsenal, how difficult it can be [to play them]. They lost that game 3-0 but it was so close, football games can go like this, but in the end we really saw what could happen tonight if we let them do what they wanted to do.

And we didn’t in very difficult circumstances, so I’m really happy. That’s just outstanding. That’s why we could win, that’s why we can win football games.”