Premier League week 32

In a very contested match, Liverpool found a way to win an extremely important match against the 3rd ranked team Tottenham, 2-1. Striker Mo Salah said “We are doing everything to win the title”.

This was the spirit today as the Reds saw their lead vanished with twenty minutes left in the game. Tottenham pressure to home team and was going to get a draw from Anfield, a very good result in the Champions League race. 

Yet Liverpool did not abdicate.  Thanks to an own goal from Alderweireld in injury time, they managed to grab three points and restore a two-pint gap over Man City!

Coach Klopp reacts to this priceless victory:

I told the boys after the game there are 500,000 different ways to win a football game – and today it was rather ugly, but no problem. We take that. Without a bit of luck you cannot be in the position we are in, it’s not possible.

The boys worked so hard and I think they deserved a bit of luck again today and so I am obviously very happy about the result.

I was not surprised we conceded a goal because in the second half we were not as good as in the first half. We did a couple of things not in the right way. Tottenham changed a little bit, changed from five to four [at the back], Rose a bit higher and all that stuff. Not a big problem usually, but for us it was today. Harry [Kane] dropped a little bit more, Son came on, all of these things. It doesn’t make life much easier.

In the first half we could have scored more goals. We scored a wonderful goal and could have scored more. There were a lot of good moments. In the second half that was less the case, they scored a goal – a super goal, actually – when they were quicker in mind than we were.

In the end, it’s not important when you score, it is only important what is on the scoresheet afterwards. Today, it is a nearly perfect result for us, that’s clear. We take all of that, before the game we spoke about it. Momentum is not a coincidence, it is something you take, you keep and you use. That helped today.