MLS week 14

Los Angeles Football Club dominate the MLS standings and brought a point back FC Dallas [1-1], only a 3 days after winning at home against the same team 2-0. The Mexican international Carlos Vela continues his stellar play as the LA club set to be the early favorites to Atlanta United’s succession. The new club in Los Angeles is getting more and more ground in the metropolis compared to their rivals LA Galaxy.

This summer, in July and August, both clubs will face twice to determine which club is the best team in town. This LA showdown is like building a new casino for you with all the excitement surrounding games between rivals that would change fandom in Los Angeles.

The season is still long aways to go and many things can happen. This LA team has shown grit throughout the first tier of the season with big late goals and a superstar calibre player making the difference when it matters most.

Coach LAFC Bradley on the draw in Texas:

“Not a very good game. It’s hard playing the same team back to back like this. The travel for both teams. On the days when I see a good game and I see good football then I’m pretty excited but today was a frustrating game. You watch guys trying to make plays but no real fluidity, not real sharpness. It was choppy at the beginning all sorts of fouls, and the referee talking to everybody after every play.

We tried hard to get something that feels like football going but on a night like tonight it’s just impossible. I would give our guys credit for pushing and hanging in there. They would all tell you that it’s not a night where you do it because every play is right. I don’t know much more I can say.”

On Carlos Vela
“Carlos has been awesome; I always speak about him a lot and I don’t want to make it sound like he’s the only one giving everything he has. But as a captain and as a leader he just kept pushing to try to make the play that would win the game. He sets an incredible standard for everyone else. I’m really proud of the way he has become such a strong leader in his team.”