MLS: DC United 1-0 LA Galaxy – reactions

LA Galaxy coach – Bruce Arena:

“Every single guy worked their butts off tonight, and it’s just disappointing not to leave here with a point. We let ourselves down at the end – a mental lapse – and you’ve got to give credit to D.C., who kept pushing, kept pushing.

“It is what it is. You’re unlucky sometimes, and we just have to move on. They had a nice play at the end there, but I think that when we look at it, we can do a couple things differently. Kill the game off up front, hold the ball a little better, positioning a little bit better, and we come away with a point.”

“The referee failed to make that call at the end of the game, which would have ended the game with their player charging our ‘keeper, which is ridiculous,” Arena said. “That’s part of it, but we’ve got to accept responsibility for not coming off the field with a point. … We have to be responsible for how we played in the last 30 seconds. Losing that game was ridiculous.”

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