MLS: Montreal Impact 2-2 Orlando City SC – reactions

Adrian Health – Orlando coach:

“At 2-0 down, you fear the worst. But we got a goal back at a vital time and I think the character of our players really showed. They kept believing and they got their rewards in the end.”

“And, once we got it back to 2-2, I thought we might go on and win it, but I’ll certainly take a point.”

“The one thing that everybody hopes who brings in a Designated Player is that it makes a difference. Ricky [Kaká] definitely made the difference for us tonight. He had a huge influence on the game and I think he will have that kind of impact every time he plays.”

“He is also a great influence on the players around him, players like Pedro [Ribeiro] who grew up idolizing him, and you could see the positive effect it had on him today. If we had been playing on grass, Pedro would have covered every blade of it today.”

“We started a bit hesitantly, which was understandable with the new system. We were asking a lot of them because we decided to go with as many of the experienced players as we could and it’s as much about convincing them that it can work as anything else.”

“We have taken four points from two very difficult places. Houston won’t lose many at home and Montreal have shown with their performances in the CONCACAF Champions League games that they are no pushover here, so I am very pleased with things so far.”