World Cup Qualifiers: USA-Costa Rica 

The United States Men’s National Team will face another tough challenge when they square with the Costa Rican team this afternoon. A defeat would be very problematic after the inaugural loss to Mexico. pressure is on for Klinsmann and his men. Although the US has never won in Costa Rica and lost 3-1 last time they travelled there in 2013, the coach believes his team can win. 

Klinsmann shares his views at the press conference in San Jose:

“We can absolutely win here. Will it take a lot of effort and things need[ing] to click to work? Absolutely. We should’ve beaten Mexico. We didn’t knock them off with the second goal and then out of the blue they get a corner kick and then [on an] individual mistake, they score. There’s a very small margin in all of those games.”

Captain Bradley added: 

“This is still a very, very difficult place to play. In that game [in reference to the 3-1 defeat in 2013] we got down a goal early and the second goal came not long after. You play good teams in their stadiums and you can’t afford to give away goals.”

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