Serie A Opening weekend: Chievo Verona 2-3 Juventus Turin

Cristiano Ronaldo won his first official game with his uniform but the game was difficult for Juventus. The champions had to comeback from a 2-1 deficit to grab the win in the moment of the match.

Ronaldo did not score as he is getting his mark with the new club but was able to make an impact and created several chances.

Coach Juve, Allegri on the hard fought victory:

“We made a lot of mistakes today and let our focus drop,” the boss admitted. “You think you’re in control and you ease off a touch, then you let your opponents get crosses in, you defend badly and you end up conceding.

In any case, a game like that will only do us good because it makes us realize how tough it’s going to be to win the league again.

There was plenty of talent on display but Juve are clearly still finding their rhythm with the new players yet to bed in.

We’ve only had the whole squad training together for seven days. We’re still getting to know Ronaldo. He linked up well with [Paulo] Dybala today and I was impressed by how easily he slotted into the team. 

It’s a shame he couldn’t score himself but [Stefano] Sorrentino denied him a couple of times. He was happy we got the win anyway.

Cancelo played well in the first half then he gave away the penalty and felt guilty about it but you mustn’t get down over something like that.”