Manchester United signed Spanish International Juan Mata from Chelsea for a record club transfer of 37.1 million pounds ($61 million). Surprisingly Chelsea sold one of their best player to their rivals.

First Mata’s interview:

How does it feel to finally be a Manchester United player?
It’s a very happy day for me, meeting my team-mates, the manager, seeing the training ground. It’s a massive club and I feel very proud to be here.

Juan Mata’s arrival should be the first of many according to the staff. Predict the next outcomes on for Manchester United, Chelsea trying to catch up of leading Arsenal.

653FB4AC75E04F0B8C9D9FF3F3E97900.ashx I thought, ‘wow’! This is a team that has won a lot of leagues in the history of the Premier League and English league. It’s amazing knowing that a club like Manchester United is interested in you. It’s a good feeling.

Coach Moyes speaks on the signing:

“I want to build an exciting team. That’s always the way I’ve wanted my football to be played and I’ve not known it any other way. “I want to win and give the supporters something to shout about because I’ve not done that often enough. What I will say is that this is the first of many more to come in time. I’m looking forward to Juan being the start of it.”

How pleased are you to have signed Juan Mata?
I’m really pleased. He’s someone we’ve been interested in for a long time. We couldn’t say much about it but he was certainly on our radar for a couple of months in the hope that we could get him. I never felt we would get that opportunity because I wasn’t sure that Chelsea would ever sell him to us. Thankfully we got there and I’m delighted he’s here.